Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research
At this point we like to convey the gathered mathematical and statistical data, in a way that our client’s would prefer to see it. We are in the idea of not to make the data dull or dry, taking them to the maximum innovations and even to make your end clients to identify it easily. For those of in the situation of busy schedule, and want a quicker attractive end result, Sparkwinn p
Attitudes & Usage Studies
We conduct attitudes and usage surveys to measure customer attitudes and usage behaviors for specific brands, categories, or markets. To meet the real need of the customers and to provide the solution for your company to take the step to enhance the usage of your brand in order to drive your business in a more effective way.

Our Solutions

Testing Concepts, Messages & Ad Copy
We make you take wiser decisions before your company’s product or service is in the hands of the public to make sure you get the maximum output for your investment.
We consider suggesting new approaches and helping you to execute them in the right path as our duty, and we will give our supreme work style.

Segmentation's Studies 
To make the process easy, we hold a market segmentation policy to narrow down the properties that prevail in your business aspect and conduct separate researches to get the utmost result out of them.

Tracking Studies 
We bring out the newness to your old non attractive aspect that you have no clue of rising them up. And to focus on your brand that has not enough attention by customers by finding solutions to boos them up.

Satisfaction Studies
We conduct satisfactory studies to measure the satisfaction of your customers, dealers to make them retain in your shadow by using effective modals. And we prefer to do this in quarterly or bi annual basis.

Feasibility Studies
The main objective of a market research feasibility study is to understand the market and determine whether enough demand exists to make the venture successful. We at Sparkwinn will make sure that you get the clear understanding of the market that you are about to enter.

Market projection studies
Before you make the decision to make your way into the industry of your scope, we deliver you the market projection study for you to identify the potential output you could obtain by investing in such a business.


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