Qualitative Research

Qualitative research

Qualitative research refers to the understanding of the behavior and perceptions of a target audience with reference to a specific topic or issue. We have the best freelance qualitative researchers who worked for leading agencies with us to bring out the best in any scenario and to drive you and your business forward in the right path.


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Ethnographic interviews

Ethnographic interviewing is a type of qualitative research that combines immersive observation and directed one-on-one interviews. In anthropology, ethnographic researchers spend years living immersed in the cultures they study in order to understand behaviors and social rituals of an entire culture.

In-depth Interviews

We conduct these type of qualitative interviews where either on or a limited amount of respondents are questioned regarding the certain matter or issue, to get the maximum benefit. These kind of interviews are mostly done for hard to reach audience such as business executives or for sensitive matters.


Focus group Discussions

We do this activity for a group of people of the same backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic or issue. When in the need for a gathering of data from people from the same category, we conduct these kind of sessions to get the best results

Commercial Semiotics

Semiotics takes the meaning of conveying signs and messages to the people that brings back effects that we are unable to identify easily. Likewise the scenario in the business field gives us many signals that we have no idea of. At Sparkwinn we give you the exact information of what any of your issue conveys to the society in order for you to take the wise decisions

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