Market Intelligence Reports

Sparkwinn’s Market Intelligence Report
Sparkwinn’s Market Intelligence report offers a unique consumer perspective, insights and recommendation to keep your business growing.

Market research is the core of our business. Our consumer reports have been molded with the solid backing of the data collected through primary research conducted. We publish research reports across a diverse range of industries and consumer segments within Sri Lanka.
Our reports provide the right market data, consumer research to easily identify the opportunities that lie ahead to succeed in your market.
We strive to provide you with a comprehensive 360 degree view through a combination of primary research (using both quantitative & qualitative methods) combined with secondary research.

Our consumer research report contains:
• Primary consumer research(consumer attitudes and product usage)
• Market Share, who owns what share
• Segmentation of consumer
• Insightful analysis on the issues faced within the industry
• Factors driving growth
• Innovators in the market
• Marketing strategies

Our consumer market intelligence reports can make a world of difference, as we equip businesses with the right information to navigate.
Contact us to buy your industry report now so that you have the right information to make smart decisions for your business.

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