Sparkwinn’s Product testing Solutions

Brands invest a lot of money in developing a product (R&D) but pay little attention in measuring the properties or performance of products. Product tests are interesting tools help to evaluate your product on multiple parameters.

Benefits of Product Testing

  • Achieve product superiority over competitive products.
  • Continuously improve product performance and customer satisfaction (i.e., to maintain product superiority, especially as consumer tastes evolve over time).
  • Monitor the potential threat levels posed by competitive products, to understand competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reduce costs of product formulations and/or processing methods, while maintaining product superiority.
  • Measure the effects of aging upon product quality (shelf-life studies).
  • Implicitly measure the effects of price, brand name, or packaging upon perceived product performance/quality.
  • Provide guidance to research and development in creating new products or upgrading existing products.
  • Monitor product quality from different factories, through different channels of distribution, and from year to year.
  • Predict consumer acceptance of new products

Sparkwinn Research  can conduct Central location test within various target group ranging from 10 years to 60 years. Our product testing solution gives clear direction to the brand in improving/monitoring the performance of any consumer good product.

The monadic, sequential monadic, paired-comparison, and protomonadic research designs are the most widely used research designs for product testing.

Product testing market research in Sri Lanka

Product testing market research in Sri Lanka

Following are some of our client use Sparkwinn’s product testing solutions.



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