Sparkwinn completes a market feasibility study for Pakistan’s leading ethnic wear brand Khaadi to Enter Sri Lanka

Fast fashion retailing is a growing category in Sri Lanka, with latest global fashion trends, escalation in disposable income of Sri Lankans and improvement in many socio economic dynamics, the industry has become even more exciting.

Due to high exposure to the international fashion arena, local fashion retail market has become more dynamic and vibrant than ever before. The evolution of the local shoppers has given them supreme confidence in identifying brands for superior shopping experience.

KHAADI, Pakistan’s most iconic fast fashion retail force with more than 45 stores (circa 400,000+ sq. ft. retail space) at almost every notable location in Pakistan has successfully established a global footprint in stores within the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and United Kingdom. As part of their international expansion, Khaadi conducted a market feasibility study to understand the Sri Lankan ethnic wear market.



Sparkwinn carried out a research study in order to understand the underlying market conditions, consumer preference for ethnic/casual fashion wear in Sri Lanka. Thus, obtain a clear understanding on the fast fashion retail industry and customer expectation to improve their brand relevance and differentiation in Sri Lankan Market.

Findings from the study was presented to the Senior Management of our client Khaadi, Pakistan’s largest ethnic fashion brand

Sparkwinn research working on market research project across emerging markets in Asia and Middle East and facilitating with up to date insights for international brands considering market entry Sri Lanka.

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