Steambubble commissioned UAE Social Media Landscape study

Social Media landscape in UAE

Our client Streambubble is a social media management platform based in UAE. They commissioned us a research study to understand the changing landscape of social media usage in UAE. Many companies are in search of social media usage statistics. It is important for them to divert more investment and create more engagement with clients.

Social media report in UAE

Sparkwinn conducted a desk research assignment on behalf of Steambubble and collated all social media trends and insights relevant to U.A.E market. This report will function as an engagement point for Steambubble to shed more lights on social media trends happening in UAE.

The power and influence of social media has continued to grow globally over the past decade. The scope and scale of usage have changed dramatically, from the early days when social media was primarily fulfilling social needs of connectivity, communication, socialization and entertainment, to the current era, where social media applications are seen as important tools of governing, development, diplomacy and business

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