Digital Marketing getting momentum in Sri lanka

Recent LBO LBR Summit on the theme of “Marketing is Dead! now what? building brands in post marketing age” created much attention for Sri Lankan firms to focus on digital marketing.

Someone in audience commented “After spoiling traditional media, now corporate eyeing on digital media”.  Internet-done-to-the-Sri-Lankan-Marketing-Industry-1

Yes, most of the firms in Sri lanka aggressive on building their brand on digital space, expecting a early capitalization.

They have valid reason to spend on digital mediums,

  1. Consumers are moving away from traditional media in Sri Lanka, instead they spend much time on social media
  2. Internet penetration is growing, more than western province , users are coming from rural parts of Sri Lanka. Connectivity enabling even the rural youth to come online and purchase good.
  3. We don’t know how the online market share is going to turn around in future, so it is better to allocate resources with long term direction in mind.
  4. Digital marketing is cost effective, have better customer interactions, also it becomes easy to monitor performance of any digital marketing activity.
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