Segmenting Tamil Diaspora groups and their Economic Contribution to SL

Presented our paper at CEPA’s Research Conference on the theme “Ideas, Capital & People on the Move”. Our paper was focused on segmenting the different Tamil Diaspora groups and their economic contribution to SL, where its impacts had been both beneficial and harmful to the local community.

Nine long years have passed since war ended, which also includes the 3 years of Yahapalanaya (Good Governance). However, Northern Province contributes 3.5% of the national GDP, the lowest among the nine provinces.Diaspora’s are skeptical about the developments in Sri Lanka and are absent in the development agenda, with minimum economic engagement. Engaged Diaspora’s” can be an asset to the country, as they can play an important role in the economic develomenment of Sri Lanka, especially Northern Province by:

1.Promoting Trade and Foreign Direct Investment, by contributing beyond their well-known role as ‘sender of remittances’.

2.Transfer new knowledge and skills by creating businesses, spur entrepreneurship etc.

Thus, it is important to understand diaspora’s motives, barriers faced in order to create opportunities to facilitate economic engagement and development in Northern Province.

Click here Segmenting Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora

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