4 Reasons you must invest in Dealer Research

B2B businesses heavily rely on dealers and distributors , Here are some reason why you need to invest on capturing their level of engagement and feedback! 

Importance of Conducting Dealer / Distributor Research

  1. Gauge Customer Feedback : They can give you insightful feedback on your products and services. How do customers respond to them? How do they stack up against competitors’ offerings?
  2. Assess Dealer knowledge & Commitment : Do they understand your brand? Are they representing your brand the way you want? If not, they could be hurting your brand image.
  3. Optimize your promotions :How do your sales materials work for your dealers and distributors? What else could you give them to help them sell your products? What are the most important messages you should be conveying? How do they like your promotions?
  4. Measure your value proposition : Do you know your value proposition? You probably know what it is for your end customer, but what about for the dealers and distributors? What can you do to maximize your value to them?


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