Sparkwinn Consumer Connect: Talcum powder category loses its glamour

Sparkwinn Consumer Connect: Talcum powder category looses its glamour

Powder has been in use for a long time as an essential part of the grooming package. Parents choose baby powder as it’s gentle & mild on baby’s skin, absorbs sweat and helps to reduce diaper rash.  Talcum powder, popular among the adults is available with a mix of diverse range of fragrance additives. The same properties such as helps to reduce sweating and leaves the treated areas feeling cozy are some of the top reasons for the use of baby/talcum powder.Mother-applying-talcum-powder-to-a-baby-701620






However, in the recent times following the baby powder controversy, sales plummeted.

 “We don't use any type of talcum/baby powder, as it’s harmful for children. Our family doctor has advised us not use as the fine particles can be inhaled and causes problems. We used to buy but not anymore”

(Amali, 34 years, Mother of two children) -

A strong negative sentiment was observed specially among mothers with young children.

In addition to that, younger generation has lost their interest on talcum powder due to the availability of multiple varieties of personal care products. With the increasing usage of other products such as the creams, lotions etc., use of talcum powder is slowly diminishing amongst the younger generation. Face creams and lotions have in fact replaced the talcum powder these days in Sri Lanka. However, a fraction of younger generation uses baby powder instead of talcum as it’s considered safe and mild.

As a matter of fact, Talcum powder has sort of become the product used by older generation.

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