Completed Research


Customized Research

Sparkwinn conducts research based on client’s requirement. Client chooses the subject area of study, objective and target group they want to study. Full cost of this study is borne by particular client and results are only shared with them.  client and results are only shared with them.


Understanding Market Potential for Branded Spices in Sri Lanka 

Objective of the study to understand the potential for branded / organic spices in Sri Lankan market. 200 housewife’s in 5 districts will be interviewed on usage, attitude related questions on spices. Results will be used to develop marketing and communication plan.


Market Feasibility Report for Cable TV Network  

We have concluded a market feasibility study for local cable TV network. Study involves understanding consumer behaviors in cable TV viewership, understanding competitive landscape and brand perception for our client.


Market Feasibility Study for Ayurvedic Hotel in Trinco 

Our client is in Ayurveda treatment space, they wanted to capitalize on opportunities in wellness tourism. They have acquired a land in Kuchchaveli area in Trincomale district. This study focus on understanding the feasibility of Ayurvedic hotel in Trinco.


Product Test for Personal Care Brand 

Sparkwinn Research conducted a 3 day Central Location Test (CLT) for multinational personal care brand. We spoke to 100 woman in Colombo between 18-45 years old to evaluate multiple test products.


Understanding the market for bio fertilizers in Sri Lanka 

Our client is a consultancy firm, wanted to understand the market for bio fertilizer for paddy cultivation. In this study we understand potential target group, competitors and suitable positioning and communication strategy for bio fertilizer brand.