Market Research Solutions  

Market research companies in Sri Lanka

Our key strength is the ability to plan and execute any market research in Sri lanka and bringing most valuable insights to your decision making table. We can unlock core truths about people, right and timely information that can help drive your business forward.

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Social Research Solution






Sparkwinn offers expertise aimed at resolving a broad range of social issues for clients mainly through investigation, survey, research, monitoring and evaluation in both public and private sectors …

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 Research Outsourcing

Market Research companies in Sri Lanka

Outsourcing to us will save your valuable time and money by allowing you to focus on your profitability. Minimize your operational costs and maximize your benefits by outsourcing  research services in Sri Lanka!.
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Are you looking for Market Research Companies in Sri Lanka? Look No Further!

At Sparkwinn, we work with a desire to understand the heart and mind of consumers. We understand the meaning and to create a fascinating impact by developing the most compelling product & services.

While conducting researches we certainly apply our Love for people + Understanding the Heart & Mind + Research Tools to derive answers. At Sparkwinn, we question endlessly, probing more and we never settle until we unlock the powerful reasons/emotions connecting people and their behaviours.

We use comprehensive research approaches with an integrated thinking to deliver the right message.

Why Choose Us

  • Deliver best returns for your investments
  • 360 degree analysis, not just reporting, its inclusive decision making
  • Experienced & Friendly team
  • Simple & Precise information for your decision making
  • Quality focus fieldwork, with short and specific questionnaire
  • Solid and clean  ongoing updates you can count on



Personalised experiences begin with personalised products, custom tailored to help you meet your unique needs. Find our exclusive research solution. We will commit to deliver the best solution to your needs



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